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Our location provides educational workshops and classes for Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  Services include test prep and SAT/ACT classes, and licensing prep exams.  It's also the primary location for group workshops and career coaching. Need office or meeting space?  We have you covered.

H3 Business Services

298 Main St Suite O-B

Henning's Plaza - right of Hennings market

Harleysville, PA 19438


 All events will be small group or online 

  • 10-3 pm
    Virtual or Small group
    Class is held Sundays 10-3 pm or Mon/Weds 6-8:30 pm. We provide a customized learning style approach to all sections of the exam and provide key test strategies for success.
  • Various Times
    H3 Business Services, 298 Main Street, Harleysville, PA, USA
    Want to go into the test with confidence? We offer a proctored SAT/ACT practice exam. This gives you a gauge on what your score may be and what key areas of focus will help you score your best. Includes learning style assessment and consultation
  • 10-3 pm
    H3 Services / Virtual
    Learn key strategies and concepts for the SAT exam. All materials included.
  • 3rd Weds 5:30-7pm or Sat 9-11:30am
    H3 Business Services or Virtual, 298 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438, USA
    Prepare for the college of your choice! Learn how to craft your subject selection and college application towards success as early as 8th grade.
  • 6-8:30pm
    Webinar classes
    Learn strategies and concepts for all sections of the SAT. Includes all materials and additional practice exams with detail reporting to show improvement.
  • Mon/Weds 4-5:30 or Sat 9-10
    H3 Business Center, 298 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438, USA
    We review all concepts for ELA including reading, reading comprehension. We help prepare for a successful school year. Practice and materials provided.
  • Mon/Weds 4-5:30 ;Sat 9-1pm
    Virtual or Small group (H3 Services)
    We review all concepts for Algebra 2. Each week is a different concept. Best if you attend all weeks for full review of materials. Initial assessments are completed with students to ensure success.
  • Mon/Weds 10:30-12pm; Tues/Thurs 1:30-3pm
    In-person / On-line, 298 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438, USA
    What learning gap? Our experienced instructors will equip students to be ready for the upcoming school year. Attend classes virtually or in small group setting (CDC guidelines followed)
  • Mon and Wed 10-3pm
    Virtual or Small group (H3 Bus Services)
    Four, 5 hrs. sessions will review every section of the exam and provide key test strategies for success. Includes learning style assessment, book and online custom quizzes.
  • 3rd Monday of every month
    Need to connect more with your team? Improve networking? Get recognized for the promotion? This workshop helps identify your strengths and show ways to market them to solidify your career growth.
  • 3rd Thursday of every month 6:30-8 pm
    Group Career Workshop , 298 Main St, Harleysville, PA 19438, USA
    What is your business plan? If you are not sure how to answer this question, this workshop is for you. This interactive workshop helps design your strategy and create your business plan to create a profitable plan of success.
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Experience how exam day will be.  Our proctored, practice exam  includes a score analysis, free learning style assessment and a survey to see if the SAT or ACT suits you best. Be a step ahead!

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