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H3 Services provides consulting and career workshops that focus on helping current and future leaders learn of their strengths and educate on the fundamental concepts of business planning and strategy.  Whether group sessions or individual, all are designed to help excel and succeed. 


At Tutor Doctor of Montgomery and Bucks County, we are dedicated to helping students raise their grades and take ownership of their education. As a locally owned and operated tutoring company in Montgomery and Bucks County, we have strong ties to the community.

Meet the owner

Vernessa Hopkins

For more than 25 years, Vernessa Hopkins has prided herself in integrating business growth with mentoring people to reach their fullest potential. Her ability to create positive focus towards challenges has helped her to lay out her own path towards work-life transition. This journey has led her from a successful corporate career to entrepreneurship.

Vernessa’s career started as a customer service representative and progressed over the years to Vice President of operations for Prudential Insurance, a Fortune 500 insurance company. Her ability to motivate led her to provide mentorship and create strong leaders within the organization's Business Resource Group.

For the past 5 years, she has integrated her knowledge into business ownership and now provides coaching for others to help them attain their fullest potential. She's on the Executive committee for SCORE and provides leadership, career and small business support.

Vernessa has a master's in Business Administration from Saint Joseph University, and her BA in Marketing from Temple University located in Philadelphia, PA.

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