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 Virtual and Small Group Summer Camp

Let's keep learning! We are offering interactive sessions on the general subjects and games for summer.  You can take classes online or be in the small group activties at our location (we max at 10 per sessions).   Our experienced teachers and tutors are ready to help ensure your child continues to learn.


Reading Classes

Spanish Classes

Mondays and Weds 10:30 and 1pm

Mondays and Weds 10:30 and 1pm

Grades 1-3

Reading, Reading Comprehension and Math

Spanish Beginner

Spanish Intermediate

Grades 3-5

Reading and Writing concepts

Grades 6-8

Essay and Writing concepts


(High School)

Essay and Writing concepts

Math Classes

Grades 5-7

Multiplication, Fractions, 2 and 3 digit division

Tuesdays and Thursday 10:30am

and 1pm

Grades 8-9

Math Alg 1

Geometry/Alg 1

Geometry, Algebra 1

Higher Level Math

Alg 2, Pre-Calc

Our Interactive Agenda
  • Reading

    • Reading passages will be provided prior to session.​

    • We will read aloud for grades 1-3 and ask questions during to allow participation of creativity and the ability to show grade appropriate cognitive learning

  • Math​

    • Basic concepts on how to approach math will be provided. Practice drills and exercises will be provided.  Attendees will be able to submit key areas they want to focus on to ensure we have excelling knowledge​

  • Spanish​

    • Beginner allows you to be able to speak key phrases by class end.​

    • Intermediate provides key concepts around conjugation and fluency for conversational Spanish

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